Express Exterior Hand Car Wash

Scrubbs WASH & GO

Complete Exterior Hand
Wash w/Spot Free Rapid
Dry Rinse


Super fast Wash & Go allows you to pay and stay in your car – gets you in and out and on your way!


All the features of the Wash & Go plus…
• Rocket Wheel Blaster
• Rainbow Triple Foam Conditioner
• Towel Dry

With Rainex:rainex



  • Rain-x Advanced Protection Technology – Special formulation engineered to create a water repellent layer that chemically bonds to all exterior vehicle surfaces, then cures to the surface to provide better water beading and sheeting, longer lasting results and a safer driving experience.
  • Rainbow Triple Foam Polish – An “all season protectant” that provides exceptional surface gloss.
  • Platinum Protectant – Silicone-polymers create a durable, wash resistant barrier producing amazing shine and protection.
  • Tire Shine (Hand Applied) – Tire conditioning for a wet look shine to your tires.

All prices subject to change based on size and condition of the vehicle.